How to Grow Your Business with App Development?

Grow your Business with App Development. Typically, smartphones users go everywhere with their phones which is not necessarily so with PC users. A mobile app is an application software designed to run on a mobile device. Companies like Starbucks, Nivea, and Mc Donald have used their individual mobile Apps to generate great profit. Please note that your business does not have to be as big as Starbucks to use a mobile App. Rather, you can even experience growth in app development business with the use of a mobile App. In great ways, customized app development will improve your business are as follows:

  1. It boosts your brand image: Do you know as a business owner, you can have an edge over other business competitors with the use of a mobile App. With the use of a mobile App, you are likely to attract more customers since they get to enjoy the convenience of not being physically present.
  2. Rather than having a Billboard, have you thought of a mobile App? Do you know what physical billboards do? They attract attention! They were ever meant to do that so you find them erected in locations where high traffic volumes occur. Well, Good news! A mobile App can do just the same, if not better because one does not have to be in traffic to see your icon!

Have you thought of how many people scroll through their main menu daily? Well, a good number. So when a mobile App is downloaded and installed, an icon describing your products will always be on the user’s main menu, this is one reason you have to ensure that your mobile App developer uses an icon that represents your business distinctively. The sight of the icon would always serve as a reminder so that when there is a need, the user doesn’t hesitate to use the app.

  1. Marketing Mails: Mails can be sent to all the users of the mobile App at once. This ensures marketing is done in an easier and more effective way as to when compared to sending newsletters via Emails.
  2. Quick Feedback: It is important that the mobile App developer adds a feedback button so that by pressing the button, a template on which users can type their feedback can appear.  The feedback you get as a business owner will help in knowing what to do; remember the saying “customers are always right”
  3. Ease of sharing posts: It is of importance that your mobile App developer integrates social media into the App or haven’t you noticed that a lot of people use social 3media, very much? There are three major benefits of these:
  • It allows your customers to login with their social media account, at least for the sake of convenience. It will give you the opportunity to introduce Ads of your business into their social media account.
  • Just by pressing the share button, your customers are able to share your posts on their social media accounts which will help you in getting more customers. This is due to the fact that the more your posts are shared, the more popular you will become thereby leading to brand reinforcement and an increase in sales.
  • Better Productivity: A mobile App lifts up a huge burden from the shoulders of the employees, thus allowing them to focus on their primary functions and giving room for productivity in the company.
  • Analytics: This function gives a daily report on some important statistics such as the number of people who use the App daily, or the number of products ordered and several daily statistics that are important to the business.

This function helps you to know when more work needs to be done because a drop in the normal number of people who uses the App signifies an issue that should be attended to ASAP.

Similarly, a drop in the number of orders made signifies issues as well.

  1. Advertisements Platforms: The App also creates a platform to advertise your products easily, therefore you can send a message to every user of your App at once. However, don’t let your messages always be promotional, you should also send informational ones. Otherwise, you may turn your users off.
  2. Brand Loyalty: Always remember that people don’t really buy what you do, but how you do it! If you engage your customers by regularly sending informational messages and by also responding quickly to their queries, they tend to become subconsciously get attached to your brand.
  3. A 24-hour Scale: Normally, physical cores usually have a closing time and some don’t open on Sundays or on special occasions. However, a mobile App allows your products or services to be available at all times. The foreknowledge that getting a product or service with just a mobile App always gives customers strong confidence in the availability of the product irrespective of any circumstances that can pose a threat to its availability. Even, in no time, on days that the stores are open for sale, customers will rather use the App. So far you are able to back your mobile App up with a super-quick delivery, your brand becomes one big great force everyone has to reckon with.
  4. A mobile App helps you remain competitive as, without a mobile App, there are great chances that your competitors are already taken by some of your customers.

In Conclusion:

Would you rather drive down or walk down to a store when you can sit at home and order? The answer is obviously No! I mean everyone values conveniences, so if a large crowd is asked this question, way more than half will most likely choose to order online especially if it involves a mobile App rather than using browsers before getting to reach websites while the remaining few would choose to use the stores due to some reasons best known to them. A mobile App makes customers seem they are one-on-one with the products they want to purchase. They get to know the descriptions of your business products anytime, any day. No issue of they have forgotten what they read or was told about the product and there is a need to get back to the store to remember and confirm again. As a new customer, how about the time, the money and effort you spend in the process of getting to know or purchase products that don’t have a mobile App!

Taking these into consideration,  app development will make a business thrive rather than just setting stores and waiting for the remainder of the prospects who didn’t place an order.


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How to Grow Your Business with App Development?
Do you know as a business owner, you can have an edge over other business competitors with the use of a mobile App.
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